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Fans of the Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Fablehaven series will enjoy Acea and the Animal Kingdom!

“There is no doubt that Kyle Shoop has an extraordinary imagination, and the fact that his pen can portray that is, without hesitation, a talent….  This is an easy middle grade novel; elementary and early middle school, though I can see it as a great read-aloud!  Those students who like animals will love this adventure as well those who enjoyed Narnia.  Simple and tastefully written, this read is one to sit back and enjoy!”  -

“Acea and the Animal Kingdom is an enthralling read.  With the captivating scenery of each location, the unique and personal traits of each animal, and the well thought-out, interwoven challenges that faces Acea, this is a timeless, up-and-coming series that rivals any of the last decade.  The book is lighthearted, tense at times, fun at times, emotional, and engaging.  I recommend it anyone – young or old!”  -

“An amazing book, especially for young readers, as this will have them craving adventure books through their life! I love to see books that are gripping, exciting, and at moments cause you to hold your breathe and that’s exactly what this book did.” –

“This book is pretty cool! There are a lot of interesting twists and mechanisms that really drive the story.  It reminded me a lot of Harry Potter.  I really like how Vesuvius was drawn, as much as we don’t want to like a villain, a story without a good villain is kind of ‘blah.’  I recommend the book – I know you’ll love it!”     - (child reviewer)

“Even though it’s only Shoop’s freshman endeavor Acea and the Animal Kingdom is one of the better novels for young readers I’ve seen. Shoop is already a terrific storyteller, with a wonderfully vivid imagination which will suck readers into the novel for a fun, slightly scary, always exciting, emotional ride.  It’s not surprising then to find this novel is fun, exciting, a little scary, imaginative, unique, relatable and educational; in short, all the things you want from a middle-grade novel.”     - Christopher Taylor, “Lunatic or Genius?”

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