Acea and the Adventure Thru Time

Time is a War
Time is an Answer
Time is an Adventure

Six years ago, Acea took an oath to become the son the evil sorcerer Vesuvius. In doing so, all memory of his parents and his friend Emma were forgotten.  With a sorcerer as his father, Acea has now been a student of evil longer than he was a wizard.

But strange things keep happening. As he travels thru time, mysterious visions appear. Indeed, Acea is sure that he’s being followed.

Acea’s told there’s a war brewing between wizards and sorcerers. But he wonders if the real war is what he’s battling within.

Travel thru time with Acea as he visits ancient civilizations and influences important inventions. Acea’s time-traveling may be to change the past, but what he doesn’t expect is how time may change his future.

The thrilling conclusion to the Acea Bishop Trilogy.


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