Acea And The 7 Ancient Wonders

Seven Ancient Wonders
One Path HomeĀ 

Defying all odds, Acea Bishop has ended Vesuvius’s spell over his father’s Animal Kingdom. Acea should be relieved, but he know the real war is just beginning to brew. After watching his parents disappear to Lemuria, the shadowy prison for all indebted Wizards, Acea must now find the path to free them. But where is Lemuria? If he makes it there, will he actually be able to release the debt and reunite his family?

Having left the Animal Kingdom, Acea is thrown into the fantastical world of Wizards. He embarks on a journey through the Seven Ancient Wonders, trying to unite long-abandoned Kingdoms in the fight against Vesuvius. In doing so, he uncovers forgotten secrets – secrets revealing the mysterious history of the ancient Order of the Nine and emphasizing the gravity of Vesuvius’s malicious threat. But Acea knows he must still learn the one thing needed if he’ll ever defeat Vesuvius: how to actually be a Wizard.

Join Acea on his adventure as he travels through and unearths the secrets of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. There may be Seven Ancient Wonders, but for Acea – there’s only one path home.

The highly anticipated sequel to Acea and the Animal Kingdom.


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